Jan 4, 2014

The first strawberry is the sourest

Two in a row to make up the time I was absent!

This craft was inspired by the acorn brooch in the last post. Last time I made a quirky dangling acorn brooch with crocheted acorns and belt buckle decoration. The craft in this post was made with the same theme: crocheting edibles.

A crocheted strawberry brooch!

I used:
red pearl cotton thread
green wool knitting yarn
white pearl cotton thread
a steel crochet hook size 2,5 (mm)
a recycled 1930's belt buckle
brooch pin
and a sharp darning needle

You can find many free crocheting patterns and instructional videos for strawberries online. They are very useful, but of course you must alter the pattern to suit your purposes.  I started with 4 ch(s) made into a loop and doubled them. Then crocheted my way towards the narrowing.

Here´s a few patterns and a video:

Pattern here

Pattern here

And here´s one for the flowers:

Again alter to suit your purpose!

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