Jan 3, 2014

Acorn doesen´t fall far from the tree.

Sorry for my absence from the blogging world. I´ve had time neither to write nor read blogs! I´ve been, yet again, busy with my master´s thesis and work. Even though this blog has been silent for a few months I have balanced the hectic everyday routines by doing some crafts! As I´m trying to graduate to be an elementary school teacher, I´ve noticed that I must conquer the art of knitting and crocheting. That is what I´ve been trying to do the past months! I´ve started small so I won´t lose it straight away. This blog post is about a crocheted accessory that is a recreation of a piece of a 1940's accessory.

Let me introduce to you a 1940's crocheted acorn brooch!

This I must say is recycling at its best: brooch can be made out of pieces of scrap thread and leftover belt buckle. The picture is originally from this lovely blog which contains also the instructions! (In this blog there also many more authentic vintage knitting and crocheting patterns with instructions!)

If you find these confusing, here´s more contemporary instructions for crocheting an acorn! I didn´t quite follow the instructions, because as always I somehow end up doing things my own stubborn way.

I used:
brown pearl cotton thread
mustard pearl cotton thread
a steel crochet hook size 2,5 (mm)
a recycled plastic belt buckle
brooch pin
and a sharp darning needle

1. Crochet the cap.

2. Crochet the actual acorn.

3. Fill the acorn with something soft, like leftover yarn or cotton.

4. Use the ends of the crochet thread and a darning needle to attach crocheted or twisted "stems".

5. Look at the happy bunch!

5. Pick out a matching belt buckle and attach a brooch pin behind it. Then glue the acorns to the buckle.

5. And it´s ready!