Mar 18, 2013

Retail therapy

In the last post I told I have been very busy bee with my studies. Oh well, it is funny how you still manage to find time to go flea market shopping no matter how busy you are. You might even say I did some retail therapy.. Here are some of my latest finds:

These pretties are from various flea markets and antique shops. Brown wool coat is from the late 40's and purses from late 30's or early 40's. I've searched a thick brown coat for a while now, coats seem always to be black, black and black!

Love the little tassel!

The cherry red locking mechanism of this otherwise black purse is beautiful.

And it´s got a huge mirror sewn into it!

Mar 13, 2013

Fancy stitching

I have done a lot of studying lately so it has been a bit quiet on the crafting front. It´s kind of ironic that the only thing keeping me insane between reading all those school books is doing some handcrafts and so often there is no time for those.. But at least I can plan the upcoming crafts! As the old folks tend to say well planned is half done. If that is true I´ve done a lot! So this post is purely about inspiration, the instruction will come later.

One of my upcoming projects will be embroidering an old and white short sleeved sweater. And by old I don´t mean vintage, but the 90's. Don´t be fooled, my love for the 40's hasn´t died as this sweater is a good repro of a 40's sweater. The reason for wanting to 'make over' this sweater is that I´m not a huge friend of white. There are few reasons for that. First, I´m very pale and in need of some color and secondly, I tend to mess. No piece of white clothing will keep it´s cleanliness near me!

I´ve planned to embroider the sweater with some felt flowers and tiny seed beads. Below is a picture of a black 1940's dress with some gorgeous embroidery. That is the design I´m going to use. Or at least I hope it will look even a little like that.

Just by looking you can tell that there is a lot of time, patience and care put into it!
from here

 Here´s a couple more 40's bead and felt finesses for you to glance:

And last but not the least a marvelous catch for you fellow crafters:
A forties (I think..) hand made felt bag with all kinds of equipments ready for some embroidering!

And for an evidence that I´ve done more than just daydream about starting my project, here´s what I´m going to use:

More to come!