Feb 22, 2014

The best part of happiness is the pines

I found this picture of an amazing 1940's pine cone necklace and was instantly inspired! How gorgeous yet simple it is!

(picture from here)

I started wondering how could I make this or something similar happen. The pine cones especially I thought were hard to execute. By a stroke of good luck I happened to stumble upon a piece of maybe 70's hippie jewelry. It had two processed pine cones stringed with a bunch of beads and pieces of bone and made into a necklace. Before going ahead with a larger project like that 40's necklace above I decided to try out a smaller one: a brooch! 

Here´s what I used:
green paper string
70's necklace taken apart
a brooch back pin

First I made the green paper string into a bunch and tied it up to keep it together. I used paper string as it goes well with the 1940's and depression era theme. One could also use for example leather string like is used in the original necklace.

I also measured the length of the string that is needed to hold the cones. the length of course depends how low you want them to hang.

Second step was to attach the brooch back pin to the bunch by wrapping the paper string around them.

Finally I glued the pine cones to the ends of the string and cut the paper "pine needles" into a proper length.

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