May 9, 2013

I felt like it.

I´ve been reading this great blog called Land Girl 1980. The writer calls herself a retro dresser and a history lover who is obsessed by the 1940's and history in general. The reason why I mentioned this blog is this post:

 Picture from her blog.

I got so excited by her post I went and bought a hair rat of my own! Now I´ve made a back roll almost every day this week. I usually accessorise it with some store bought flowers, but today I wanted to make an alternative for them. 

First I dug through my crafts box to find pieces of felt and some hair combs (bought from here). Felt is such an easy material to work with and I like the naive look of felt flowers, so I decided to try them as a hair accessory. Here are the felts (minus a brown one I also desided to use) and the patterns I used:

Then I cut out 3 big flowers and 3 small ones in different colors. Next step was to make them look more natural and real:

I stitched through every petal using straight stitch and made sure the thread ran freely. It should do so as you should be able to tighten the thread by pulling it after the last petal. The yellow and peach ones are in the making and the white one is ready.

I also cut some leafs as you can see.

After stitching every flower I attached them to the hair comb with Epoxy glue. I advice not to get glue on your fingers as well (like I did) as the glue is pretty strong. You can also attach the flowers with thread or string or maybe even with wire.

And here´s the finished product:

The leafs and flowers would also look nice with some yarn or bead details and decorations.


  1. The comb looks so adorable! I really need to make something like this for myself :)

  2. Thank you both, Cherise and SwinginCat! :)

  3. This is so fab! I'm going to do this :) xox

  4. Thank you! You go ahead! I´m sure it will come out great! :)