Feb 27, 2013

My first!

You are reading the first post of this new blog. I've been searching a way to channel my passion towards arts and crafts. Then it hit me: a blog! In this blog there are two of my favorite things combined: crafts and 1940's. I am a serious vintage-nut who dresses herself in the 40's way every single day. In the last year or two I´ve noticed the prices of vintage clothing and accessories gone up and up and up.. That is why I started to make some of my accessories myself. I know it is not the same as the real deal, but I assure you it is fun (at least when everything goes as planned). In this blog there will be inspiration posts and craft posts with instructions. Posts will appear when ever I feel inspired. Remains to be seen if there will also be some outfit and visiter posts!

Here´s some hand made scottie pins!


  1. Oh my I'm very happy with discovering your blog! Looks awesome, very professional. Looking forward to more posts!

    xo Jessica

  2. Thank you! Your comment makes me so happy! :)